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About A.Z.I

Zaid Sewer aka A.Z.I creates both his sound and lyrics in a very similar manner. He crafts written and vocal expressions that are underlined with a very conceptual grasp of life situations, specifically relationships. The art of his technique is giving his audience constant transitions between outward and inward self reflection. His tunes are laced with intelligent emotion. A listener can immediately discern that A.Z.I makes sophisticated use of the musical elements within a song. 


‘Dominoes’, a cleverly written groovy breakup song is an excellent example of how A.Z.I draws on some of the previously mentioned expression techniques. In this particular song he not only delivers exceptional music, but also metaphorically designs a thought provoking space that you can dance in. 


A.Z.I hails from one of the Caribbean's most exotic gems; St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. He draws on a wide array of influence that spans across the music spectrum to include producers, musicians and artists alike. A producer, singer, pianist and steel pan (steel drums) percussionist himself, A.Z.I has a unique comprehension and mastery of sound. 

Knowledge and experience in different roles grants him opportunities to work on the production of other artists.


A.Z.I is both an artist and true admirer of the many intricacies of music production, an obvious feat when examining his catalog. A body of work that hints at novelty, nostalgia but with a contemporary feel and edge. A.Z.I defines great modern music.

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